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The fall is the best time to invest in blower installation services: Cut down labour costs today!

Oct 06, 2021

It is never too late to mulch your space and make it beautiful. With our bark blower installation, you can get the perfect landscape this fall! The autumn is an ideal time to install your bark mulch, as the soil is able to properly retain moisture, suppress weed growth and protect the bare soil from erosion. Get your landscape ready for the dropping temperatures, and contact our bark blower services across BC!

Bark blowing installation is the right choice for your landscaping needs. The process will save you valuable time, money and effort while reducing wasted material that can be redirected into another project. Our blower installation services include:

  • Bark mulch
  • Topsoil
  • Wood chips
  • Shavings and sawdust


Have a landscaping project that you need to get done right away? Our blower installation services can have it done for you within your budget and timeline! Just call us at 778-867-2275!


We install your bark precisely where you want!

Bark blower installation gives you the large advantage of leaving no piles sitting in your driveway, so there is no mess left behind. The main benefit of investing with Triple Five’s blower installation service is that we can reach non-accessible areas. With all of our natural products, there is no chemical hazard that you need to be worried about. 

Our bark blowers are equipped with an extended length of hose to reach tricky areas that can be tricky to access using only a wheelbarrow. Instead of hauling bark and mulch in your desired areas, use our blower installation services to get the job done in half the time and at an affordable cost!

Bark mulch adds a highly appealing aesthetic element to your space, while also acting as a natural weed barrier by preventing new weeds to grow. Bark mulch helps retain moisture better than most other materials, efficiently protects plant roots and reduces soil loss and compaction.


Bark blowing installation is the perfect choice for your fall landscaping projects

One of the numerous benefits of mulching garden beds is taking a proactive approach to preventing extreme soil temperature fluctuations. During the winter months, the ground temperatures can change drastically from hour to hour, due to cycles of freezing and thawing. This natural cycle puts a large pressure on the plants growing within the soil, including the ones that are dormant during the winter. 

Mulch works as an insulator, protecting the plants from raping temperature swings that can affect the soil. While the soil might still be frozen, the mulch will create a barrier between the plants and the soil to keep it at a moderate temperature for the plants to stay alive. Our bark and mulch blower services will allow you to keep enough moisture in the soil while helping evaporate the soil so it does not grow mould.


Cut down labour costs and increase efficiency!

Investing in our blower services can cut down your man labour costs, as we can spread the mulch in half the time, without the toil of finishing your landscaping project the old-fashioned way with wheelbarrows, pitchforks and shovels. 

To put it in perspective, one man can typically spread a yard of mulch by hand in one hour, while the blower can spread 60 yards in a day using two men. The math just adds up, while your spending can stay low!  Great service and competitive prices are always available to contractors, landscapers, municipalities and homeowners.

Need your landscaping project done right? Of course, you do! Contact our blower installation experts today to get on the list of happy customers that have been using our services for years!

  To enjoy these and many more benefits, contact our experts right away!   We look forward to working with you on your next project!


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