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Why Use Mulch in the Winter? Because It Saves You Money All Year-Round!

Nov 22, 2021

Winter is coming soon and, before you know it, ice and snow will follow suit to blanket your garden. As part of your efforts to keep your important plants safe for the winter, consider applying mulch to your garden to prevent frost from freezing them and lock in warm moisture. Using bulk mulch supplies when it gets cold can be a crucial resource as part of your arsenal of landscaping supplies - storing unused mulch will also go a long way in saving you money!

At Triple Five Quality Wood, we provide mulching bag services for your residential, commercial and industrial projects during dropping temperatures. We’ll go over the steps you need to take to use mulch in the winter and store it for as long as possible and why we are the most reliable place to buy your mulch and landscaping supplies year-round! 


What Do You Do With Mulch In The Winter?

When you’re applying mulch to your landscaping project, make sure it’s made up of loose and insulating material. The main purpose behind winter mulching is to keep the ground frozen and shield it from the sun, creating a steady temperature that keeps the plant dormant and prevents it from growing again during a brief warm spell. Mulching in the winter also conserves more water in the soil, keeping it from forming hard frost.  

It’s important to remember to remove the mulch in the spring and rake it aside. If your mulch is made up of shredded material like straws, pine needles, or leaves, they can be easily removed or worked into the soil. When you do choose to apply winter mulching, it depends how severe the cold damage is in your garden. A good cover of mulch will protect your soil from eroding and protect your plants from drying out. 

Winter mulching can also protect your valuable perennial plants and can be done during the first hard frost, when the soil has begun hardening. By this time, the ground has had ample time to rest and absorb moisture from the fall. You can spread a 2-4 inch layer of mulch around the base of the plants to secure its crowns and surface roots. 

Additionally, mulching can also be done at any time during the fall if you wish to save time in the winter. You can start by preparing a winter cover crop that shields your plants from the cold until spring when it can be removed. If you choose not to cover it, you can mix the mulch spread with a layer of compost, manure, or shredded leaves to avoid soil erosion. This is especially important if you’re thinking of growing vegetables in your soil plot. 

With so many uses for mulch during the fall and winter, it’s crucial you find a good place to store it for later use. Let’s go over some best practices to ensure your mulch is usable year-round. 


How Long Does Stored Mulch Last?

If the right steps and precautions are taken, stored mulch can last you a really long time. However, mulch can turn “sour” really fast when it begins to rot and emits a stench similar to bad eggs and vinegar. Proper mulch storage will slow the growth of fungus and decay in order to retain all the necessary nutrients. To achieve this, you need to keep moisture away and allow for sufficient airflow. 

For extra bagged mulch, you can poke holes in them to let air in and store them in plastic storage bins in your garage or garden shed. To store mulch for a longer-term, you can pour out all the mulch on top of a tarp and cover it with another tarp to keep it dry. Allow for some of the edges to poke up so air can circulate underneath. Any chances of allowing for extra ventilation will slow down the decaying process and prevent fungal blooms from growing.

When you do use this stored mulch in the spring, be sure to turn it thoroughly and allow the sun and air to remove the toxins, reducing the mulch’s smell and avoids causing your plants trouble when you’re covering them with it. 


Why Should I Choose Triple Five Mulch For My Landscaping Needs

We provide exceptional landscaping supplies and bulk bags of mulch to protect your garden from the harsh winter cold. Our material is clean and we offer convenient delivery of around 1 cubic yard of mulch. 

It’s better to plan ahead and be proactive in protecting your favourite plants from the snow and ice. Prepare your garden for the winter by reaching out and purchasing bags of our finest mulch today! 

  To enjoy these and many more benefits, contact our experts right away!   We look forward to working with you on your next project!


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