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Prep Your Trees & Shrubs For Winter With Affordable Bulk Mulch Supplies

Dec 14, 2021

Winter is the perfect time to prep your trees and shrubs for the frost with affordable mulch supplies! It encourages the healthy growth of your plants and trees in your backyard, preventing the snow and ice from damaging or stunting their growth. At Triple Five Quality Wood, we provide affordable landscaping supplies and bulk bag topsoil delivery services to homeowners and business managers looking to use and store some during the winter. 

When you mulch your trees and plants for the winter, it gives them added protection against sudden freezes and thaw patterns during the late fall, early winter, or spring. If proper care isn’t taken care of, you risk severe winter root injury, decline, and death of your trees and plants. Let’s go over why it’s okay to mulch your plants in the winter, whether it’s right to mulch around your trees, and how Triple Five can assist you during this time. 

Our values at Triple Five have always encompassed the customers first. Strong relationships and amazing customer satisfaction backed by our superior, high-quality products mean that no one is left behind; our customers’ unique needs are always top priority.

Our end goal is always the same: to ensure you have received every product and service needed to promise success in your landscaping projects. From landscapers to weekend project DIYers, we cater to all wants and needs. Feel comfortable knowing that all questions can be answered by professionals that care, no matter how big or small!


Is It Okay To Mulch In The Winter?

Winter mulching is a long-practiced gardening and landscaping technique that regulates soil moisture and temperature for your trees and plants. It prevents root injury from ice and frost by slowing down the daytime thawing and nightly freezing process. Mulch is very heavy and humid, helping to trap more soil moisture and warmth for plant roots that can help them grow during the winter.

If you live in a region with sustained below-freezing temperatures, your soil will eventually freeze and if you’re not prepared for the winter, mulch can’t help save your garden from dessication of verdant foliage. Mulch provides better insulation for your plants and trees, allowing them to stay hydrated and prevent root damage when the early spring arrives. 

Mulching also reduces root competition with different trees and plants. Very often, the fine roots of plants sit in the uppermost 12-18 inches of soil. By adding mulch to the soil, valuable water and nutrients are evenly distributed and saved to different roots, eliminating competition with other plants. Additionally, it also helps you avoid soil erosion and water runoff that often occurs when snow and ice melt during the winter. Bare soil can often disperse and break apart during this process, but mulching absorbs that runoff water and slows it down. 

There are many benefits to mulching your plants and trees before the winter starts, but exactly how much mulch should be applied around your garden. 


Should I Put Mulch Around My Trees In Winter?

When mulching around your trees and shrubs, it’s important to consider how it’ll help preserve them during the winter and how it adds to the overall look of your landscape. Mulch can greatly affect the health of the plants themselves and you should pay attention to how much you’ve applied. When layering down mulch, cover around 3-4 inches around the tree in the shape of a donut. Anything more than that is excessive and may make it look clumped and out of place. Moreover, if the mulch is too deep, the tree’s roots may not be getting the amount of moisture needed to grow. 

During the mulching process, focus on how much you choose to spread around shrubs, trees, and plants. Start with a small pile at the base of the tree and spread the mulch outwards with a shovel or rake. Take into consideration the 3-4 inches of mulch around the tree and slowly thin it out as you move away from it. Not only will this maintain more moisture around the plant, but it also lowers the risk of weeds and harmful plants from popping in. 

Use and apply organic mulch as much as you can and continue the application process until it covers your entire yard. Examples of organic mulch include compost, clean leaves, tree bark, pine needles, and plant by-products. Over time, it can get settled too quickly and become matted and compacted. Use a rake to break it up and add fresher mulch to refresh your plants for the winter. 


How Can Triple Five Provide Mulch During The Winter?

At Triple Five, our dedicated team will help deliver quality bulk mulch, topsoil, and bark blower services in the winter. We build strong relationships with our customers and strong satisfaction supported by our products and services. We’ll deliver top-quality mulch and help you apply them to your trees, shrubs, and plants. By doing so, you’ll be getting added protection from ice, snow, and frost and gaining valuable moisture and nutrients for your plants. 

Contact us today to get started and safeguard your outdoor space in the winter! 

  To enjoy these and many more benefits, contact our experts right away!   We look forward to working with you on your next project!


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