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4 Myths about Organic Weed Control

Jun 24, 2015

In this day and age, it is especially important to try to stay as “green” as possible. We need to help to maintain our healthy environment. However, a lot of the information circulating around the web is not reliable. If a method is not reliable or effective, it does not matter how “green” its' process is; it is essentially useless to you.

As a professional landscaping supply company, we aim to educate the general public about authentic organic weed control. Here are four commonly mistaken “facts” about organic weed control!

1) Organic methods for weed control are better for lawns and plants than herbicides.

While, in some cases, this may be true, in many cases, it is actually not. Many of the ingredients used in organic weed control do considerable damage to plants in your landscape or your grass. If they are damaging your plants, it will be difficult to bring them back to life as the materials are absorbed by the soil for a considerable amount of time, and radically change the pH level of the soil. This could diminish grass growth. Salt contaminates the soil and you will have to have your soil replaced.

2) Organic weed control methods work just as well as herbicides.

In the previous myth, we discussed what happens to plants that just are not compatible with these organic methods. However, are they effective on plants that these methods will work on? Well, maybe a little, but no where near as much as herbicide options. They may work on small, annual weeds, but their application is limited. These methods are more reliable as a surface contact killer, but this is putting a band-aid on a illness; the healing properties will not translocate as the plants regrow.

3) Natural weed controls are safer than herbicides.

You may be surprised to find that many of the commonly used materials in organic weed controls are actually quite toxic to your plants and grass. Liquid herbicides, on the other hand, dry and become virtually harmless.

4) Organic weed controls are more affordable than herbicide options.

Because herbicides are typically diluted in water, you can make your herbicide last quite a long time. When comparing the cost of organic methods and herbicides, organic typically costs up to five times as much!


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