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What To Know About Bulk Bags of Topsoil

Jul 09, 2015

Buying bulk amounts of soil is the cleanest way to get your material delivered, with the added bonus of saving you space, time, and money! The bags are UV protected and can be opened or closed from the top to keep the soil useful and fresh at all times.

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, it is a blend of decomposed organic materials, minerals, rocks, microorganisms, moisture and air. Topsoil is the meat and bones to your garden and landscape without it it is difficult for your garden to flourish to its full potential.

The growth rate, health and visual appearance of your plants are directly related to the quality of the soil you are using. In order for your garden to live, grow and thrive your soil must have the necessary nutrient mix. Trust Triple Five for all of your soil and topsoil needs in Surrey, BC.

Benefits of using bulk bags of topsoil

  • Topsoil restores life in your old flower bed

  • Ensures your plants and vegetables grow healthy

  • Prevents puddles of water in the grass

  • Encourages growth of grass, plants, and more!

Create plant bed

Topsoil can be used to make a garden by spreading a thick layer onto the area of your choice and mixing the topsoil and base thoroughly. Mix the topsoil in with the leftover soil for desired depth of your garden.

Repair Lawn Damage

When repairing the damage to your lawn use topsoil to fill low areas of the lawn, this will ensure that your entire lawn is completely level. Fill the bare areas in your lawn by spreading about an inch of topsoil over that area. If you maintain your yard and you water the grass daily, you should see improvement within 2 weeks.

Improve Drainage

If you are suffering from drainage problems of the lawn or garden, add topsoil to the affected areas and it will improve drainage. Adding topsoil changes the pH level, the pH needs to be tested before you adjust your plants, grass and more.

People are unsure when it comes to deciding how much soil they may need, especially when purchasing bulk amounts.

At Triple Five each 1 cubic yard bag of soil is delivered to you for $129.00 plus tax, which means more savings for you and your garden! We have different types of topsoil such as; Veggie mix topsoil and Compost garden topsoil.

  To enjoy these and many more benefits, contact our experts right away!   We look forward to working with you on your next project!


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