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How Often Should You Check Your Mulch? | Affordable Mulch Blower Rentals For Your Project!

Jul 05, 2022

For large landscaping projects on commercial property, businesses will need a good amount of mulch to cover every spot of soil. Mulching different areas is low maintenance and make your property look good without the need for constant gardening, mowing, or fertilizing different things. With that being said, large properties will need to replace their mulch as often as they can. This ensures the surrounding environment can keep growing plants and shrubberies of all shapes and sizes. 

If you need a large amount of mulching material for your commercial property, Triple Five Quality Wood has you covered with bulk bag delivery services and mulch blower rentals. Our team will provide you with the landscaping tools and mulch resources to thoroughly cover every soil bed on your property. If you or a landscaping team need access to large bulk bags this summer, contact Triple Five today to get all the mulch you need. 

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Why Do You Need To Replace Mulch?

Although mulching is a great investment for enhancing the visual appeal of your property and its plants, it does need to be replaced every now and then. Mulch can help to reduce weed growth, even out soil temperature, and prevent significant water loss and moisture. It can also prevent soil erosion and contribute to the health of the overall land. 

Mulch material is often made out of leftover material from dead trees and plants. After decomposing and releasing nutrients into the soil, they’ll need to be replaced in order to work properly again. Failing to do so will result in lost nutrients for your soil bed because decomposed mulch will lose its consistency and be unable to perform its functions. Once mulch degrades to a certain degree, the moisture retention of the soil will decrease, leading to more issues in the future such as weeds and erosion. 

Thin, uneven mulch is a breeding ground for weeds and unwanted pests. Excess moisture and light will allow weeds to grow faster once they’ve invaded your soil bed. That’s why it’s crucial to replace mulch as often as possible for your property in order for it to work at its best.

How Often Should Mulch Be Replaced?

So how often should the mulch in your soil bed be replaced? This depends on a variety of factors, including the type of mulch you’re using, the soil condition on your property, and the effects of climate in your area. Very often, you may only need to replace your mulch once a year in most cases. If your mulch is made out of shredded, thin material, it can decompose faster and may need replacing. On the other hand, if your mulch uses thick chunks of wood, you may not have to replace them as often. 

To determine when you need to replace your mulch, check it at the beginning of spring to evaluate its condition. If the mulch looks the same as it did when it was first applied, you may not have to replace it. If it has degraded into small pieces, then it’s best to replace it very soon. You can apply organic mulch at the end of every summer season to help improve your overall soil. 

How Thick Should You Spread Mulch?

If you do have to replace your mulch, it generally needs to be spread around two to four inches thick for your soil. If your mulch is too thin, then weeds can invade and push through. Make sure the area is weed-free before applying the mulch in full. 

The bigger the pieces of mulch chunks, the deeper the layer needs to be. Smaller-sized mulch materials will often decompose into the soil more quickly than their larger counterparts. Be careful not to apply too thick of a mulch bed, as this can prevent water from reaching through to the soil and plant roots. 

Even out the new batch of mulch on your soil bed with a rake before laying a new layer of it on top. This will help the old mulch to continue adding more nutrients to the soil, as well as save you valuable time and energy from removing the older mulch. There is also mulch that is designed to not float away or erode on pathways and slopes. 

If you need an even coat of mulch for your commercial property, Triple Five Quality Wood can assist you with your large landscaping project. We offer mulch blowing services and large bulk bags to help you thoroughly cover every soil bed with healthy mulch. Our team will make sure the mulch is evenly spread with our exceptional mulch and bark blowing services. 

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