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Compost Garden Topsoil

Compost Garden Topsoil  is a premium quality compost-based soils formulated for planter applications (30 % Sand, 70% Compost). It's manufactured with a unique small batch blending process to ensure utmost consistency and quality. A nutrient-rich product made with recycled organic compost that will allow your plants to thrive, not just survive.
1 Cubic yard             $35.00
1/2 Cubic yard          $23.00
Bag (10 gal.)             $ 7.00                                             
PROPERTY                                                COMPOST GARDEN TOPSOIL
C/N <28
pH 7
Lime reqmt. 0
EC <3
Sand (dry wt.) 70-80
Fines (dry wt.) 5 to 12
Organics (dry wt.) 15
Total Nitrogen 0.3 to 0.4
Phosphorous 220-250
Potassium 400-800
Calcium 2800-3200
Magnisium 350-500

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