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Top Commercial Landscaping Tips for the Summer | Start with Affordable Mulch Blower Rentals Today!

Jun 13, 2022

Are you looking to increase your curb appeal for your commercial property? Start with the best mulch blower rentals today!

For property managers looking to enhance the visual appeal of their businesses, bulk mulch is especially useful for giving your soil more nutrients while covering a large area in thick, beautiful dark mulch. They’ll not only protect your soil, shrubbery, and plants from invading weeds but also give the exterior of your business more neutral coverage throughout the summer season. Mulch is a valuable resource for any area that helps to grow trees and plants, but you’ll need to properly prepare the ground before laying it all down. 

At Triple Five Quality Wood, we work with many clients at one time to deliver exceptional bark mulch, topsoil, and aggregates to businesses looking to do some landscaping. We offer bulk bag delivery services and mulch blower rentals to help assist in your big landscaping plans and make the process as easy as possible. If you would like to beautify your natural green landscape and add value to your property, contact our team today for fast, reliable bulk blowing services. 

We pride ourselves on our many years of experience in bark mulch delivery, topsoil, and bark mulch blowers services. Situated in Surrey, British Columbia, you can rest assured that you have quality and reliable local landscape supply and services.

What Should I Put Down Before Mulching?

Before putting down a fresh batch of your favourite mulch, you should make sure you have an excellent bed of clear soil as a base. It’s important to make sure that the area is completely free of weeds before applying mulch because it helps to prevent more from sprouting up. You can pull these weeds out with your glove-covered hands or use a garden hoe or weed whacker. You should also try to avoid using any pesticides or herbicides to remove weeds in order to protect the surrounding environment and its plants. If you do need to use chemicals to remove any weeds, be extra careful and make sure the weed is isolated first before removing it. 

After you apply a fresh bed of dark soil, you can optionally practice edging to keep the mulch off of sidewalks and driveways, as well as away from lawns to create a neat visual appearance. Edging makes it easier for you to apply the bulk mulch around certain areas of your landscape. You’ll be able to avoid covering important plants and bushes. I

Bulk mulch can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Let’s explore the types of mulch you can use for your big landscaping project.

What Kind Of Mulch Should I Be Using?

For many property managers and business owners, the specific type of mulch to use for their buildings and landscapes can be a tough decision. The best mulch for your landscape will work best for your needs, depending on how you use it. 

Mulch generally made from organic materials adds plenty of nutrients to the soil, making it great for enhancing landscapes with a lot of flowers, plants, and shrubs. They will need to be replenished every three years to stay at their freshest. Meanwhile, inorganic mulch such as rocks and aggregates won’t add any nutrients but can last much longer and add more protection to your soil. Inorganic mulch material can be great for your general landscaping needs and doesn’t need to be replenished as often. 

You should also consider using a much coarser mulch, which usually contains large pieces that look great with large trees and shrubs. Alternatively, you can also use a finer mulch with smaller pieces that can complement smaller plants and flowers. However, a heavier mulch with large chunks of wood can lock everything within the soil together, making it less likely to wash away on slopes, where rain can fall easily. Mulch with bigger chunks also decomposes more slowly than other materials. 

On the other hand, darker mulch will be able to absorb more warmth and lock in more moisture for your landscape. Mulch with lighter shades or colours is ideal for warmer areas that get a lot of sunshine. If you decide to apply mulch with light colours, be aware that it may reflect too much onto delicate plants. 

After choosing the right type of mulch to use for your landscape, the next step involves determining how deep the mulch should be. 

How Deep Should The Mulch Be?

Determining the right mulch depth for your landscape depends on a variety of factors. Most notably, the type of mulch you’re using and its texture. If you’re mulching a soil bed with smaller, finer mulch, then a couple of inches of the small pieces should work well. For very coarse or heavy mulch, apply 3 to 4 inches of layering on the soil. Bulk mulch can beautify many areas of your property, so you can use an even thicker layer for better coverage and weed control. 

A landscape of appropriately measured mulch can reduce water loss from the soil, slow evaporation, and improve water absorption from rain or sprinkler systems. It can also improve soil quality and enrich existing nutrients and materials as they decompose. They also serve as protection for plant roots from extreme temperatures. You’ll be able to not only add value to your property but also enhance the colour and design of your overall landscape. 

Contact Triple Five Quality Wood today to rely on our bulk bag and bulk blower services for your property. Work with our hard-working team now to start enhancing the natural beauty of your landscape. 

  To enjoy these and many more benefits, contact our experts right away!   We look forward to working with you on your next project!


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