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Install Superior Rocks for Your Next Commercial Project | Bulk Rock Delivery for Commercial Spaces

Aug 03, 2022

For any large commercial landscaping project, crushed rock is the best choice long-term!

Depending on the purpose of your commercial project, you may need crushed rocks as a permanent fixture for different landscapes and properties. If you need crushed rocks as part of your next commercial project, we strongly encourage you to buy in bulk from Triple Five Quality Wood Inc. 

We provide project managers with not only high-quality mulch but exceptional crushed rocks and aggregates that will fit a variety of your commercial landscaping needs. Triple Five provides bulk rock delivery for commercial areas and bulk bag delivery in Vancouver. Contact our team today if you need assistance in laying down exceptional crushed rocks for open pavements, garden areas, or other pathways. 

Crushed rock has many uses for property managers looking to diversify their building’s exterior image and is very durable to utilize. Here are ways in which it can benefit and help you best. 



What Kind Of Landscaping Projects Can Be Completed With Crushed Rock?

Crushed rocks can be a valuable asset for any commercial landscaping project, but not all of it is created equally and different types work better than others. Some rocks have a softer texture while others are coarser and harder. They can also react differently to varying amounts of pressure applied on the surface. As such, it’s important to know what kinds of crushed rocks are most useful for specific landscaping applications. If a rock crumbles under pressure, you shouldn’t use it as part of your ground or pavement. 

Different types of crushed rock bond and hold together differently. Sand, water, and other natural components can be added to the applied surface later to keep them in a steady place. Small, uniform pieces of crushed rocks can be reused and applied to create elegant walkways and paths that have good drainage. They can also be used to create raised garden beds and warm soil to help plants grow faster. 

Another landscaping project that can be completed with crushed rock is retaining walls done by layering. A layer of different-sized crushed rocks and small, broken-up rocks can create a stable base for these retaining walls. This can help control erosion from your soil bed and safeguard any slopes or hills in your landscape. 

Crushed rocks can be an excellent resource for any landscaping project, but they should be distinguished from crushed gravel, which is different material altogether.

What’s The Difference Between Gravel And Crushed Rock?

Crushed rocks are made from rocks broken by equipment called crushers. These give the rocks more angular surfaces and are manufactured rather than forming naturally. These rocks can also be made in various sizes, ranging from dust or screenings to around 12 inches in diameter. The colour will also vary in shading, depending on which rocks have been crushed. 

Crushed gravel is made through the natural processes of weathering and erosion, having a more rounded shape than an angular surface. Gravel can come in sizes of less than half an inch upwards to 20 inches in diameter. The smooth surface makes it a good choice for paving over driveways, walkways, and other decorative landscape use. Gravel colour can range from yellow and reddish hues to bluish or grayish shades. 

Crushed rocks and gravel have their own unique uses, but the former is a more versatile material than can be utilized in a variety of ways for commercial landscaping projects. It’s easy to install and its modest cost won’t break the bank on your resources. That brings us to our next topic, which is figuring out how much crushed rock to use for your landscaping project. 

How Much Crushed Rock Do I Need For My Project?

There are many variables that are involved in estimating how much crushed rock material you need to purchase and use for a landscaping project. Ordering the wrong types of rock or amount of them is a waste of valuable time and money. The two main things to consider is the number of crushed rocks you need the dimensions of the area you’re covering and the number of layers you need to complete the job. 

The size of your crushed rock material should be measured by its coverage area per tonne. After you determine the measurements of the area you need to cover, you can check with our team to see the exact amount you need. 

Contact Triple Five Quality Wood today to ask about our inventory of crushed rock material and aggregates. Work with our team now to find the best long-term prices and complete your commercial landscaping project. 

  To enjoy these and many more benefits, contact our experts right away!   We look forward to working with you on your next project!


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