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Spread Mulch Across Your Large Property With A Mulch Blowing Service

Jan 03, 2023

If you are the owner of a large space of property with plenty of natural landscape, adding rich mulch material to your trees and bushes will not only keep them healthy, but also enhance the looks of your property. Traditionally, landscapers will spread mulch by hand and on wheelbarrows or multiple plastic bags. With the use of mulch blowers, however, that job will get done more efficiently and effectively deliver more precise results without damaging your property. Afterwards, you can look forward to seeing large beautiful spaces evenly covered in mulch. 

At Triple Five Quality Wood, we’re a professional mulch blower service that provides contractors, landscapers, municipalities, and commercial property owners great service and competitive prices. We deliver bark blowers to your site on request by using a hose connected to a truck source and quickly covering large areas with perfect precision. After the initial installation, we’ll help clean up the areas and move along. 

Our mulch blowing service will save you the valuable time and manpower to focus your resources elsewhere. Here is how the process works and how it can help improve the the large spaces within your property.  

What is Mulch Blowing? 

Mulch blowing service utilizes an extended hose held by a person, who spreads mulch around from a specialized truck or large machine or trailer pulled by a truck. The mulch blower uses an extended hose equipment that is loaded with material and moved forward by a belt system inside. High velocity air blows the mulch through the long hose and the general flow can be adjusted from light to heavy via a control board, depending on how moist or dry the material is. 

The mulch blowing hoses can measure to around hundreds of feet long in order to reach inaccessible areas on the large property. With mulch blowing services, the application of such material becomes much more efficient and is ideal for spreading it around in large areas like playgrounds, parks, and commercial landscapes. With healthy mulch in and around your commercial property, you’ll be able to keep the natural landscape healthy and maintain a clean, uniform looking area. 

Are Mulch Blowing Services Worth It? 

Mulch blowing offers property owners many benefits throughout the year and is well worth the investment. 

Fast installation is one of the primary perks of mulch blowing, as large blower trucks and extended hoses are capable of delivering at least 100 cubic yards of mulch with only a two-person team. In contrast to a single person spreading mulch by hand, this type of service significantly reduces installation time if you are planning to install more mulch to your property. 

Mulch blowers also reduce damage during the process, as people won’t need to move around on grass or muddy grounds a lot. By using our own specialized mulch blowing equipment, we can install products from long distances from the road or remote areas, minimizing the transportation of large equipment on your property and reducing debris. Because the hose used is hundreds of feet long, we can simply walk where mulch is needed and apply it accordingly. deliver the mulch without back-and-forth trips or wheelbarrows. There will be no wheels going 

Mulch blowing services also help property owners save on the cost of labor and other installation prices. This is because the job can be done with just a couple of people, with extra landscapers or contractors offering assistance as needed. This will help you save on overall landscaping prices for your property for the year. 

Lastly, mulch blowers will limit the amount of manual labor and time spent on spreading mulch around. While it can produce good results, mulch blowers offer more precise and even mulch covering on large areas. It standardizes the process to ensure the right amount of mulch is applied every time. As a result, your property will have a smooth layer of mulch that encompasses the large areas within. 

How Much Does Mulch Blowing Cost?

If you have questions about the costs of mulch blowing services for your property, we recommend getting in touch with us first to set up a quote for mulch installation. The cost of our services largely depends on how big your property is and the amount of mulch you would like to install. 

For more details on quotes, service and installation, please call Triple Five Quality Wood at (778)-867-2275 to learn more about our mulch blowing services. Work with us today to start adding healthy mulch to your property and make it more visually appealing! 

  To enjoy these and many more benefits, contact our experts right away!   We look forward to working with you on your next project!


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